Tranquil Therapeutics Center


Come back to self, Come back to community

Are you ready to come home to yourself? Are you ready to come home to community? Do you feel the call to re-establish connections, to come back to a place where you feel deeply rooted to self and community? We recognize that the tools we once needed may no longer be the tools we need; the communities that once supported us may no longer be the communities that we need. RECONNECTIONS is a two-day journey of self-healing and energetic shifts. After reflecting on the tools and techniques that currently supports your personal growth, you will be introduced to a variety of energy healing methods designed to further empower you on your healing journey. When you leave your self-care toolbox will replenished with a plethora of new (or refreshed) tools: - Meditation - SoulCollage ® - Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupressure points) - Chakras - Personalized affirmations - Breathing Techniques - Drums/music/rhythm During our 2 days together, you will receive a complete Introduction to SoulCollage®. SoulCollage® is a mindful and soul-nourishing creative practice that empowers us to connect to our inner wisdom. With no artistic ability required, you will first be guided through the SoulCollage® process to begin creating your own personal deck of collaged cards, each of which represents an aspect of your life, your dreams and your influences. You will then learn a simple method for working with your cards in order to tap into your deep inner wisdom for guidance and self-connection. Investment: $ 325.00 Early bird price $295.00 (on or before may 14th 2024)